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Kosmic T is a conscious hiphop artist hailing from the visionary mountain town of Nelson, British Columbia, Canada.

Through his profound connection to the stars and deep reverence for the earth, Kosmic channels high-vibe sound journeys to empower the hearts, voices, and lives of all who come into contact with his music. His songs are uplifting, inspiring, and activating. Listening to Kosmic T is a transformative experience - one that will leave you shining and filled with inspiration!

His life and artistry is devoted to the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible, to the dawning of the Taripaypacha (golden age), and if you listen close you just may catch glimmers of the New Earth dancing and weaving throughout his songs. 

When not in the booth making his next interstellar-hit, you might find him out roaming the rich forests and mountains of his homelands or simply enjoying life on the land at Star River Sanctuary (a new retreat centre he co-founded) with his kitties, pup, and sweetheart.

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